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About Us

About us

It wasn’t before we ourselves experienced the pains of buying a genuine leather jacket that we decided to get into this business. Leather jackets cost a fairly large amount, and you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on something that isn't worth it.

The story of Eastman Leatherworks starts right after we realize that leather jackets are unnecessarily overpriced in a country which has one of the largest dairy industries. The market was monopolized by a few large players who dominate and manipulate the industry at their will. That’s when we decided to establish own leather jackets fashion brand; “Eastman Leatherworks”, in New Zealand.

The story of Eastman Leatherworks is one of passion, strength, fascination, consistency, and unconventional beauty. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Eastman Leatherworks crafts the luxuriously exquisite leather jackets and accessories for men and women. Crafted to perfection by experts artisans, our core collection of leather products include; men’s leather jackets, women leather jackets, bike leather jackets, and other accessories. With a strong focus on fashion trends, each product is crafted in an enduring palette of muted shades; transforming the leather jackets into a timeless piece of fashion.

Eastman Leatherworks was established in New Zealand by Adnan and Nisaa Mirza back in 2011. The inspiration and passion of Adnan towards the leather jackets has completely revolutionized the leatherwear game in the country. It was the aspirations and passion that drives Eastman leatherworks to create a unique and subtle balance of fashion and function in leather jackets.

Eastman Leatherworks is centered on the firm belief that leatherwear is an integral fashion element  not merely for layering. It is because when there’s a layering call from the weather, a leather jacket isn’t just your safety layer – it becomes your outfit itself.

Since the inception of Eastman Leatherworks, we are constantly driven by our core principals of innovation and a resolute commitment towards the upscale quality. Each and every leather jacket offered at Eastman is ingeniously crafted with intricate designing and customized cuts. The first-ever collection of men leather jackets from Eastman was rolled out in 2011, whereas, the first women leather jacket collection was rolled out in 2012. Active since 1960, Eastman has endured over 4 generations, and is still going strong today.

At Eastman, we haven’t forgotten our resolution to offer affordable leather jackets to our customers . It is in fact, the reason why the brand exists. Today, we are offering one of the most strikingly exquisite and affordable collections around of men & women leather jackets, along with various leather accessories.

We continue to remain vigilant about the quality of our products and services offered to our customers throughout New Zealand. We have a highly integrated distribution network, to ensure timely delivery of products to your doorstep.

Eastman Manifesto: At Eastman Leatherworks, we decode the world around us! We take fashion world and unlock it for you to see what you have been missing all along. We at Eastman see leather jackets differently, and we help our customers see things our way. Unlock the fashion statement that you have been missing and march into the streets with the new YOU!